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AMS : the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) is an experiment to search for dark, missing & antimatter on the space Shuttle and the International Space Station Alpha (ISSA)

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Physics and STS-91 Shuttle flight data related links are found inside the 

AMS_Experiment Milano Web page. 

AMS-Milano Data Centre
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AMS STS-91 Shuttle Flight data base access  

AMS at KSC(Kennedy Space Centre)

NASA - KSC video feeds

AMS Shuttle Flight STS-91 information

AMS Collaboration webpage

AMS Detector

AMS-Physics potential on ISSA

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INFN - Milano_Bicocca www server

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Cosmic Rays for Particle and Astroparticle Physics



Physics topics, in particular those ones investigated by the AMS-Milano group, and STS-91 Shuttle flight data related links are found inside this page. For instance:

Evidence of Charge Drift Effect in Solar Cavity

Models of interstellar antiproton secondary production

Geomagnetic rigidity cut-off

Effect of Solar Modulation

Charge Drift Modulation Effect

Cosmic Ray Spectrum at 1 AU: Transmission Function and Comparison with AMS-01 Data

Monte-Carlo approach to Solar Modulation

2D Stochastic Approach for Cosmic Ray Modulation and Comaprison with Data

Geomagnetic Coordinates

CIP simulator

Scientific data centre

Scientific data centre Pictures

RICH front -end electronics

Data Transfer from JSC to Milano during STS-91 flight

AMS International Collaboration: AMS Institutions

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer detector (AMS-01)


Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer detector (AMS-02)  

Shuttle Orbiter Discovery